Care Share Mission Of San Jacinto County Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization that has been established since 1987 and has matured into a real community outreach food pantry.

We have an open-door policy and a reputation for being a food source for anyone in need so that no one goes hungry. We have never run out of food and do not charge for any of our services.  Care/Share Mission, Inc. does not discriminate against age, race, national origin, disability, color or sex.

Our volunteers currently distribute thousands of pounds of purchased and donated food each month. Food items include fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, canned goods, staples, and many more.

The pantry is specifically designed to give food to the part of the local population that would normally go undernourished. Here at Care Share Food Pantry we deal with destitution in a way that allows the client to keep their self-esteem at a turbulent time in their lives.


In a nutshell...
we provide food for families that would otherwise do without!


Our goal is to provide each family with enough basic food for three days. What we give them depends largely upon what we have been given by our generous donors and what we have purchased.


Food is packaged by our volunteers into bags depending on number of people in the family. We provide a blend of good foods, including breads, staples, meats, vegetables, etc. If there are any family members with special dietary needs (i.e. diabetics, babies, etc.), we accommodate those needs when possible.


As part of the check in procedure, clients are asked to provide only basic information so that we can track the people served by Care Share. We believe that everyone deserves to have food, therefore we will never turn anyone away.